Fish&Fly Winter 2009 ezine - 'Focus On... The Seychelles'

With the lure of winter sun and tropical destinations upon us in the Northern Hemisphere once again, Fish&Fly have put together a Winter 2009 ezine about fly fishing in the beautiful Seychelles archipelago. ... Full story

How to tie a Palomar knot

Use: Tying on flies.Description: Ranks alongside the Trilene knot as the strongest knot for attaching a fly to a tippet.Tying:1. Double about 150mm of the ... Full story

How to tie the Tucked half blood knot or Improved clinch knot

Use: Tying on flies. Description: This is one of a number of knots to use to attach a fly to the end of the tippet. The ... Full story

How to tie an Arbor Knot

How to tie the Arbor Knot for fixing line or backing to the reel spool. A very quick way of attaching a new spool of backing or line to the 'arbor' or spool of a reel. Make sure to pull on the knot once completed to be sure it does not slip! ... Full story

Federation of Fly Fishers newsletter - Nov 09

Although many of you will have received this already we pass it along to those who may not yet be members of the Federation of Fly Fishers in the hope you may consider joining this very worthwhile organisation. ... Full story

Film shows how fly fishing helps returning servicemen

The film is called "Fish Out of Water," and it is a profile of Sun Valley Adaptive Sports, an Idaho-based organization that helps returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan recover from the physical and psychological effects of war. ... Full story

Here Come The Girls!

This self-submitted story by UK fly forum member "Trouts Louts" charts the rise of girl power in the fly fishing world and in particular in the authors own household. Fishermen everywhere - beware! ... Full story

Latest news on the fight for Bristol Bay

The support that the industry continues to show for the Bristol Bay campaign is encouraging and inspiring. A brief update follows on happenings with the campaign, then a wrap up with a few opportunities for continued engagement and notes on outreach plans for 2010. ... Full story