Reel Artistic

Abel have a reputation for adding some amazing fish art to their reels and this spring collection is no different with new designs from Derek DeYoung and a special Tim Borski charity reel for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. ... Full story

Armchair casting

A recent review of the Cast-Rite and Echo MPR casting exercise aids by former England team member and fly fishing guide and author Jeremy Lucas from our sister site of FlyForums.co.uk ... Full story

Zen and the art of permit fishing

Catching the impossible on a flyrod you have built yourself must be an amazing buzz. John Miao escapes the winter snows to make a dream come true chasing permit in the Florida sunshine. ... Full story

Alaskan Adventure

A great first hand account of fishing for salmon and char in Alaska by forum member Tom Cluchey ... Full story

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter

The February 2010 newsletter from the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. ... Full story

New world record brown trout ratified

Story behind new world record 41 lb 7 oz brown trout caught in Michigan, USA. ... Full story

Farmed Salmon Exposed - watch the full film here now

Following up on the world premiere of this important expose of the world of salmon farming late last year, the full film is now available online here in four short installments if you did not see it yet. ... Full story

Michaelangelo's trout - fishing in Tuscany

Italy is not often spoken of as a fly fishing destination yet tucked away in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, overlooked by ancient medieval towns and verdant hillsides are some magnificent trout and grayling rivers. ... Full story

Bonefish on a budget

The Bonefish of the Bahamas. Geoff Maynard suggests you empty the piggy bank, cheat the kids out of their inheritance, sell non-existant TVs on eBay. Whatever. Just get hold of the money somehow and DO IT! ... Full story

World Trout grants $75,000 to grassroots groups

Eight Global Grassroots Groups Receive $75,000 for Fish and Habitat Enhancement from Patagonia Inc's World Trout initiative. ... Full story

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter

All the latest news from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. If you are not already a member consider joining and supporting their mission of conservation through science. ... Full story

Berlin shifts role to Business Manager at AFFTA

Since being released by Nielsen from the FFR trade show contract, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) has taken some bold steps to provide the fly fishing industry with a productive industry trade show. ... Full story

FlyFishingWales with Kim Tribe

Using a local guide can give you a headstart when fishing unfamiliar waters or can aso act as a coach when trying new techniques. Kim Tribe of FlyFishingWales describes one memorable trip from 2009. ... Full story