Atlantic Salmon Highway - The Miramichi

Fly fish for Atlantic Salmon on the legendary Miramichi River, New Brunswick, Eastern Canada. If you want to see more salmon and catch that fish of a lifetime, this is the place to be. ... Full story

10 Waters to Watch list published

The National Fish Habitat Action Plan has unveiled the 2010 10 “Waters to Watch” list, a collection of rivers, streams, lakes and watershed systems that will benefit from strategic conservation efforts. ... Full story

How big can the Fish&Fly media empire grow?

That's the question posed by top fishing trade magazine Angling International in their current issue arriving in industry mailboxes right now. Read the full feature inside... ... Full story

Anglers Hooked on Maine Smallmouth Bass

At the northern limit of their spawning territory, in water that would make their southern cousins shiver, the smallmouth bass thrives in Maine lakes, ponds and rivers. ... Full story

Alaskan Red Gold still under threat from UK mining company

Anglo American Plc promised not to build the controversial Pebble Mine if local Alaskan residents are against it. Today, a large majority of them are yet still the proposals move forward. ... Full story

Finding Walter

In 1981, the movie ‘On Golden Pond’ found one of it’s main characters, Norman Thayer, bragging about an illusive lunker trout in the lake that his New England country home looked out upon. ... Full story

Tackle review - Allen Fly Fishing XL 5/6 Fly Reel

Forum Manager Frank Whiton gives us his views on this fly reel from Allen Fly Fishing that seems to already have a strong following amongst forum members to see if they are justified. ... Full story

Patagonia's new catalog goes digital

Following the Patagonia ethos of low impact and environmentally friendly business practices, they released their first "e-fish catalog" this week making best use of the latest digital technology. ... Full story