Fish the Fifty

The setting of a challenge to fish – and more importantly catch a fish - in all fifty states of the USA was surely madness... but for two Brits, Jonathan Bell and Richie Owens it was ‘game on’ and you can now join in and read their exploits as they attempt to ‘Fish the Fifty’ ... Full story

Florida Tarpon and Bonefish Become Catch-and-release Only From 01 Sept.

A catch-and-release proposal has been adopted in Florida in recognition of the economic value of the two species. ... Full story

Fly Fishing Eases Military Stress

The Mid-Coast Fly Fishers Club is teaching fly fishing to veterans from the Daytona Beach VA outpatient clinic. ... Full story

Abel Grateful Dead Reels

A stunning reel to make you stand out from the crowd! ... Full story

Chesapeake Watershed States Hook Up

IFFF Mid-Atlantic region fly fishing clubs get long awaited leadership. ... Full story

Casting for Recovery News

Casting for Recovery has announced the appointment of Whitney Lange Milhoan as its new Executive Director. ... Full story

Columbia River Anglers Fishing Buoy 10 Must Release Wild Chinook

Starting Friday 23 August anglers fishing at the Buoy 10 fishery near the mouth of the Columbia River will be required to release any wild chinook salmon they intercept, but are currently cleared to catch hatchery chinook through to 01 September. ... Full story

Fish Passage Program Awards $645,000 to Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has announced that it will award more than $645,000 in 2013 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) funding through the Fish Passage Program to support projects in the Midwest Region’s Great Lakes Basin. ... Full story

Climate and Capelin Explain Salmon Declines

Scientists say that that climate and associated ecosystem linkages explain the salmon declines in Maine rivers. ... Full story

Florida Fly Fishing Expo Set for October 17-20

Plantation on Crystal River will host the 2013 Florida Fly Fishing Expo, along with the Florida Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) and the Tarpon Coast Fly Fishers. ... Full story

Orvis Manager Wins Fly Fishing Film Award

‘Sipping Dry’, a film by Simon Perkins, won the award for Best Freshwater Fishing Film at the eighth annual Drake Fly-fishing Video Awards in Las Vegas. ... Full story

Angling – The Most Popular ‘Gateway’ Activity in the US

The 2012 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report indicated that 46.2 million Americans fished in 2012. ... Full story

Fishing Foundation Hopes to Hook Hispanics

A national boating and fishing organization is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign next year aimed at getting more Hispanics involved in fishing. ... Full story

IFTD and ICAST Show 2013

The 2013 IFTD and ICAST show in Las Vegas was considered to be a huge success by all parties. ... Full story

Take Me Fishing!

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has launched a national campaign called Take Me Fishing. ... Full story

Three Rivers Fly Fishing Carp Cup

Three Rivers Angler will be hosting their annual Fly Fishing Carp Cup contest on Saturday August 17 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to benefit the Legacy Parks Foundation. ... Full story

Hardy North American – New Upper Midwest Appointment

Jim Murphy, President of Hardy North American, has announced the appointment of a new Representative for the Upper Midwest. ... Full story

Why Not Try Fly Fishing for Carp?

For years carp have been dubbed a 'trash fish' and snubbed by anglers but have they been getting a bad rap? ... Full story

Team USA Dominate World Youth Fly Fishing Championships

The 12th FIPS-Mouche World Youth Fly Fishing Championships saw Team USA bringing home two medals for the third year in a row. ... Full story

Custom Fly Manufacturer DryFlyOnline Launches Online Retail Site

DryFlyOnline has launched a new website offering anglers direct access to custom-tied flies. ... Full story