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Here Come The Girls!

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Sara Bird claims the family fishing honours once again! Sara Bird claims the family fishing honours once again!

This self-submitted story by UK fly forum member "Trouts Louts" charts the rise of girl power in the fly fishing world and in particular in the authors own household. Fishermen everywhere - beware!

I would have never believed it! After years of unhappy marriage, I managed to bumble into the girl of my dreams! She is fishing mad too!!!

I have joined 'That Club', you know that 'Elite Club', that says my girl out-fishes me! I took up wild Trout fishing this year for the first time, Sara decided she would have a go too but she struggled all season long as I caught plenty. She stuck at it however never quitting as tangle after annoying tangle ensued. I even managed to catch the seasons best from the 'Glaven' in Norfolk, untill on the last day of the season I got 'girled out', and her reward for the season a fantastic Brownie of 3lb 6 oz!

Imagine my excitement therefore when one morning 'we' decided that it was time for a trip north of the border to try and tame a 'Silver Tourist'? I had never seen a Salmon river before, coming from the home counties. Usually Barbel, Pike and Carp were my quarry, and the occasional Grafham trip, but with the new found love of my life came a new found interest in angling.

Our trip was booked and planned through an absolutely 'top guy', and we intended to sneak out a Grayling on the 'Holy Sunday' from the Tay, and maybe, just maybe we would get to see a Salmon on the Monday? The river on Sunday was a torrent of windswept horror, bits of tree were landing in the drink, so fierce was the wind. Grayling were nowhere to be found, and it was extreme in the extreme. Even trying to stand in the river knee deep! We gave up, headed back to the hotel for a 'wee dram'!

The next morning we awoke in a different country. The wind had abated, the sun was trying to shine, the river, wide and becalmed, yelled 'Fish Me'. All looked great over breakfast but a nervousness existed, an expectation almost, to show this lady that her man could indeed catch fish to order afterall!

Arriving at Newtyle, it was stunning, steeped in angling history you could almost taste. Our 'Guide' for the day was full of obvious enthusiasm, Sara and I remembering the terror of wading the day before in the wind and rain were a little less so.

We started with the spinner. It all seemed familiar to me, Sara too having spent hours on the river behind her childhood house, with her father, was slowly coming around to 'Jocks' way of thinking.............suspense was beginning to rise! I had a crash course in Spey casting, and I have to say chuffed myself with my new found skill, and being the eternal purist plugged away all day with the heavy double hander untill it was Sara's turn with the casting lessons.

Whilst her lesson was live, I spun and spun with a determination quite unbecoming of me, but the whole time I itched to have the fly rod back. My wish was granted, she had her hands back on the spinning rod. Her first cast in my lie, pluck........pluck...........pluck............Second cast...........'Fish On!

The fight from the Salmon astonished me, and agonised Sara. Jock and I reassured her with our constant 'patter' and slowly but surely my girl was winning her battle. Eventually our 'learned ghillie' wrestled her into the net..............a giant bar of gleeming silver October Salmon lay in the net. "I'll gee ye twenty plus fe that" he exclaimed!

Photos taken, she was quickly returned, to do what nature intends. Good god - she'd done me again! Elated, stunned, too many potential colourful metaphors, Sara was hooked and I once again was beaten!

My new friend Jock, and my old friend Tim on the phone were quick to reassure me however..........'Birds have an unfair advantage', and the moral of this story in my best Scottish accent..........

'Never Take Yer Burd Fishin'!


Jason Bird


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