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A River Runs Through It: The History of River Trout Fishing in the UK's NE

The North East of England boasts some of the most iconic fishing rivers in the British Isles, if not the world. The rivers Tweed and Tyne are rightly famed for the quality of their salmon fishing. ... Full story

Fish&Fly Winter 2009 ezine - 'Focus On... The Seychelles'

With the lure of winter sun and tropical destinations upon us in the Northern Hemisphere once again, Fish&Fly have put together a Winter 2009 ezine about fly fishing in the beautiful Seychelles archipelago. ... Full story

Here Come The Girls!

This self-submitted story by UK fly forum member "Trouts Louts" charts the rise of girl power in the fly fishing world and in particular in the authors own household. Fishermen everywhere - beware! ... Full story

Terry Lawton is..... Lost in France

The chalkstreams of Normandy such as the Risle provide a wonderful and attractive alternative to the more famous UK waters for those fly fishers who find themselves in France. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 25 - San River Perfection

I have just returned from my best ever trip to the San River in Poland, which is saying something, because I had thought some of my previous trips unbeatable! ... Full story

Tackling Tasmania's Wild Trout Fishery

Flying south for the winter (or anytime from August to May actually)? Tasmania off of Australia's southern coast beckons to fly fishers searching for excellent fishing in beautiful surroundings. ... Full story

"The Real Spanish Fly" - Ringing the Bells!

We are pleased to welcome a new columnist to Fish&Fly. Jose H. Weigand is a guide and fishing TV presenter in his native Spain and will be writing a series of articles titled "The Real Spanish Fly". ... Full story

"Paddling" the Jersey Shore

An amusing tale of a Gulf Coaster learning some lessons of East Coast surf fishing the hard way! ... Full story

Similarities - fly fishing for Walleye

“Similar” as stated in the dictionary means “related in appearance or nature; alike though not identical. In the world of fly fishing trout are the number one species but there are others to be caught also! ... Full story

Kicking Back on the Kennebec by John Van Vleet

The Kennebec River, flowing through central Maine, is a well-known—yet surprisingly underused—trout fishery. ... Full story

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