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Federation of Fly Fishers newsletter - Nov 09

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The Federation of Fly Fishers : Conserving - Restoring - Educating - Through Fly Fishing The Federation of Fly Fishers : Conserving - Restoring - Educating - Through Fly Fishing

Although many of you will have received this already we pass it along to those who may not yet be members of the Federation of Fly Fishers in the hope you may consider joining this very worthwhile organisation.




Federation of Fly Fishers E-News 

November 2009

In This Issue

President's Message

Membership - Holiday giving, membership renewals and Five Rivers tickets.

Conservation - Seagrass monitoring and Citizen Science

Education - Big Horn River Youth Adventure

Conclave- Stay tuned for more details


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Rivers of a Lost Coast DVD available 

You will never know what we lost, unless you know what we had. Steelhead

Many FFF clubs and members have been able to see this very well-done feature length documentary film at screenings across the country. The film is about the rise and fall of Northern California's wild salmon and steelhead rivers through the stories of the legends who fished them. The film is now available on DVD 


Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating with family and friends and for reflection on everything that has made this year so special. This Thanksgiving the FFF would like to express sincere thanks to all of our members and supporters. Thank you for everything you do for Fly Fishing and the FFF!


Enjoy your holiday and the November e-news.



FFF President's Message 

Dear FFF Members,
I'm writing to encourage you to take advantage of the extended Five Rivers Sweepstakes. As you know, this fundraiser was designed to provide a few lucky folks with the fly fishing opportunity of a lifetime and to generate funds for FFF programs.


The FFF has been a longtime friend of Jay Burgin, owner of Five Rivers Lodge in Montana and Cinco Rios Lodge in Chile.  Over the years Jay has donated numerous trips to FFF council's and clubs. The Five Rivers Sweepstakes package was created with the support and generosity of Jay to allow FFF clubs and council's the opportunity to receive a percentage of sweepstakes profits. 




Membership News 

Holiday Gift Ideas

As you search for the perfect gift for your favorite fly fisher this year, consider a gift that will benefit the FFF. We've added new items to our FFF store, the Online Auction offers everything from artwork to guided fishing trips, and an FFF membership is also a great gift that can be enjoyed every day. A donation made in honor of a friend is also a great gift for the person who has everything. In addition, you can take advantage of FFF member discounts at Headwater Books and Stonefly Vineyards.

                       Illustration by Jack Ohman - Angler Management


End of Year Tax-Deductible Giving

Each year your gifts to the FFF help to support FFF conservation and education programs. Your donations have resulted in over 40 years of remarkable accomplishments. With your continuing support our core mission of conserving, restoring, and educating through fly fishing will endure. You can read about how the FFF plans to put your tax-deductible gift to work in 2010 here.


Membership Renewal Notices

Many members who are approaching their renewal date may have mistakenly received a "3rd notice" request. Please note that we intended to send a 1st notice. We value you as members and simply like to provide you with periodic reminders. You can also renew your membership on online.


Five Rivers Sweepstakes Update

The Five Rivers Sweepstakes has been extended and the drawing will be held on March 15, 2010. You can still purchase tickets through your local club or council or here. Each month prior to the grand prize drawing, we will be drawing 5 tickets to win small prizes. The November winners are: Sonja Nisson, Woody Wooten, John Lively, Len Vickory, and Chris Leonard. These lucky folks have won a collection of prints by renowned artist Michael Simon.  



Conservation News 

Seagrass work in Florida pays off   

Seagrasses are important ocean plants that provide habitat and nursery areas for fishes. For several years the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers have been volunteering and collaborating in a joint effort to monitor and restore healthy seagrass communities in coastal Florida. Their efforts have been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency's Gulf of Mexico Program and others. Read the full press release.  


Insect hatches and citizen science

Would you like to help research scientists understand patterns in insect emergence? By reporting fly hatches in your area, you can contribute to information being collected that will help scientists and resource managers to protect the health of streams and rivers. If you or your club are interested in participating or would like to learn more, contact our Conservation Coordinator. For more information about a variety of citizen science monitoring programs, check out these sites: Earthtrek and Networked Naturalist.



Conservation Electronic Newsletter

At the start of each month, the FFF produces a Conservation newsletter.  This provides an update on upcoming issues, features club or council conservation activities, important legislation that affects our fisheries and key partnerships.  If you would like to receive this newsletter, please contact the Conservation Coordinator with your email address.  



Education News

Big Horn Youth Adventure 2010 


The Big Horn River Alliance and the Federation of Fly Fishers' Big Horn Youth Adventure is a fantastic opportunity for young FFF members to develop their Fly Fishing Skills. The adventure includes four days of guided fishing, fly tying instruction and fun evening activities for youth ages 14-18. You can learn more and to submit an application here.



Conclave News 

It's West Yellowstone for 2010! 

Our next Conclave will be held in West Yellowstone on August 24-28, 2010.  Stay tuned for more details.  Next month we will have more information on hotel and travel details.


Have a wonderful fall. 




Federation of Fly Fishers


Newsletter Banner Photo Courtesy of: David Lambroughton




Federation of Fly Fishers | P.O. Box 1688 | Livingston | MT | 59047

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