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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter - October 2010

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The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

New permit tagging video and bonefish fin clip sample results are just some of the latest news from the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust this month.

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter
October 2010

In This Issue
Abaco Bonefish Roundup Discounts
Bonefish Fin Clip Genetic Sampling Results
First Annual Lowcountry Tarpon Invitational
New Permit Tagging Video
First BTT Auction Winner
Participate in the Orvis Pro-Am Bonefish Classic
Summary of a Tarpon Life Cycle
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About Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

BTT is a non-profit, science-based conservation organization dedicated to ensuring that existing bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations, and the fisheries they support, remain healthy, while working to restore fisheries that have declined. Join here 
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BTT - Stewardship Through ScienceAs the 2010 tarpon season winds down, I know that a lot of guides and lodges are gearing up for the fall through spring season populated by traveling anglers in pursuit of bonefish and permit. If the forecast for a colder than normal winter for parts of the US are true, there may be a lot of frozen anglers purchasing plane tickets to the Keys, Bahamas, Belize and elsewhere in a few months. If you're one of those anglers feeling the cold this winter, just remember when you're out there that the fisheries won't take care of themselves - we (anglers and guides) have to take on that responsibility.
Much thanks to the people who bid on the tarpon print so generously donated by Harry Stoiber for the first online auction. Keep an eye out for other auctions soon - such as a special edition fly reel or trip to a fishing lodge. The money raised by these auctions (online and at events) makes a big difference to BTT's bottom line.
Also much thanks to Andrew McLain and friends who put on the first annual Lowcountry Tarpon Invitational, which raised a bunch of money for BTT. Thanks to all who were in the tournament for supporting BTT.
We've recently posted some updated results on the bonefish fin clip program, updated some of our Fish Info pages, and have more how-to information and an announcement about more permit tagging.
Thanks to all who have helped BTT gather this important information and publicize the BTT mission. We'll continue to keep you updated on our progress.

Tight lines,
Aaron Adams, Ph.D.
Operations Director
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Abaco Bonefish Roundup Discounts
We are pleased to report that the guides and lodges of Abaco, and the travel outfitters, are serious about bonefish research and conservation. They are all giving discounts for the Abaco Bonefish Roundup, many are donating their time, and lodges are putting up scientists for free and providing boats. If you have not yet decided where you are going to go for your bonefish trip this year, this trip is a good choice - help bonefish conservation and help the lodges, guides, and outfitters that are investing in the future of the fishery. Read more.
Bonefish Fin Clip Genetic Sampling Results
BTT appreciates the effort of all of our anglers that sent in bonefish fin clips either while on vacation or from their own backyard.  We have compiled a database with samples from throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico including Florida, many islands of the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos and Venezuela.  Once we receive the samples, they are sent to a lab for genetic testing to determine the species of the bonefish. Click here to read more and view the results.
First Annual Lowcountry Tarpon Invitational
Raises Funds for BTT

Georgetown and McClellanville, South Carolina played host to the First Annual Lowcountry Tarpon Invitational September 17 & 18 with proceeds benefiting BTT.  In total, the anglers jumped 36 and landed 12 tarpon, one of which was the first tarpon to receive a satellite tag in South Carolina.Click here to view BTT scientist, Dr. Jerry Ault, deploy the tag. Congratulations to Captain Steve Roff who took first place. A special thanks to Andrew McLain, BTT member and event organizer, who raised over $8,000 for BTT's tarpon satellite tagging research.

New Permit Tagging Video
Costa Del Mar's Project Permit tagging program enlists the help of anglers and guides to tag permit throughout Florida.  BTT, with the help of IGFA, Toledo Institute, and the guides of Punta Gorda, Belize, pleans to implement a permit tagging program in Belize.  Footage of the first tagged permit in Belize was taken and can be used as a How-To Guide for all permit tagging programs.  Click here to view the video in our Media Room.
First BTT Auction Winner
Congratulations to the winner of BTT's first online auction, who will receive a giclee of Harry Stoiber's "Tarpon on Fly" donated by the artist.  BTT is grateful to all those that bid on the print and we look forward to future successful auctions.  We also thank Harry Stoiber for generously donating the auction prize and his future plans to donate other auction pieces to our annual fundraisers.
Participate in the Orvis Pro-Am Bonefish Classic
in Grand Bahama

The Bahamas/Orvis Pro-Am Bonefish Classic is open to 10 lucky Orvis customers. This is a great opportunity for anglers of all skill levels to participate in important research while enjoying educational seminars, guided flats fishing and special events with some of the World's most knowledgeable professional fly anglers.This six night event in October includes five full days of activities with four days of guided fishing. The first full day consists of educational seminars and fly fishing workshops. The next four days will be spent on the water fishing with professional local guides. Throughout the entire event, anglers will be learning new flats fishing techniques and strategies while participating in valuable research. To make the experience even more fun, Orvis will provide each angler with a brand new Helios rod and Battenkill Large Arbor reel to help them catch as many "research subjects" as possible.  Click here to learn more about the Orvis Pro-Am.
Summary of a Tarpon Life Cycle (For Anglers)
Many times, scientific jargon can be a deterrent when it comes to reading and interpreting research findings.  Education and science for conservation is Bonefish & Tarpon Trust's primary goal and we strive to educate anglers about bonefish, tarpon and permit to sustain healthy fisheries for generations. BTT has compiled a summary of the tarpon life cycle specifically for anglers or those interested in learning more about the species.  Our angling behaviors are often ingrained into our brains - sometimes from birth - but there is always a scientific explanation for a tarpon's habitat use.  Unfortunately, we are still not able to explain many aspects of tarpon biology - yet.  Part of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust's mission is to learn and tell the tarpon's story.  As we learn more about tarpon, we take on the responsibility of conservation.  This article summarizes the life cycle of tarpon, and highlights research and conservation needs so anglers can be as involved in keeping the fishery healthy as they are in their enjoyment in dueling with the Silver King.  Click here to read the full article.
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