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Would you fish for "caged" tuna

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Anglers wait their turn to get ferried back to shore after their tuna fishing session in the Irish Sea. Anglers wait their turn to get ferried back to shore after their tuna fishing session in the Irish Sea.

One enterprising fish farmer in Ireland has set aside one day a year to allow anglers the chance of a lifetime to fish for bluefin tuna in his pens located off the Irish coast.

While their wild cousins still swim off the coast of Ireland most local and visiting anglers never get the chance to experience the thrill of hooking into one of the oceans greatest fighters, the bluefin tuna. Until now that is as the owner of one Irish fish farm has found a very innovative way to boost his annual income by allowing anglers the chance to fish for tuna in his pens located in the Irish Sea.

The scheme has been so successful that places are distributed through a lottery scheme and over-subscribes every year as eager anglers fight for a once in a lifetime experience.

Owner Michael E. Finn is pleased with the success - "I am glad that anglers now get the chance to come and catch one of my fish and discover for themselves just how hard they can fight." He went on to explain that he does see plenty of fly fishers as well as regular anglers along with a great many broken rods. "They just don't have a clue how hard they are going to fight" says Finn. "Luckily I have a stock of tackle on hand at reasonable rates to ensure that everyone can keep on fishing until their session is over."

You'll need good sea-legs though as the pens are of course subject to the wind and the waves and the casting platform around the edge is rather narrow - wearing a life-preserver is essential although there is a boat on hand at all times should anyone take a step back too far! "Once they hook a fish falling in is not a problem" laughs Finn, "they'll be too busy being pinned against the rail as 50lbs or more of angry tuna pulls them forwards."

If you fancy entering the lottery yourself you'll need to check your diary and put a big red ring around April 1st!


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