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Beware Fishy Stories

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A father in Germany is on the hook after making up a fishy story to impress his sons.

Source: David Charter - The Times

To his two small boys, the German father who reeled in a trout with his rod and line on holiday was a hero - even if the fish was suspiciously frozen and already gutted.

Alexander Dinninger's wife had actually bought the "catch" at a nearby Lidl so that he could pop it on the hook to impress their seven year old twins.

At least that is what he told the judge!

What he had not counted on was a passer by first congratulating him on his catch and then ratting him out to the owner of the lake as a poacher. With no receipt for the fish and the evidence already having been eaten, Mr Donninger faces a fine of up to 360 days of earnings or up to six months in prison. His lawyer said "This is completely out of all proportion. This is like something from the middle ages."

Let's hope Mr Donninger gets off the hook!

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