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Jim Murphy Exits Hardy North America

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Jim Murphy, leaving Hardy Jim Murphy, leaving Hardy

Angling International report that Jim Murphy has resigned as President of Pure Fishing's Hardy North America.







Source: Angling International

Jim Murphy, one of the most prominent figures in the fly-fishing industry, has resigned from his position as President of Hardy North America.

Murphy was a central figure in the transition process following his company’s acquisition by Pure Fishing in the summer of last year and was due to relocate from Hardy’s headquarters in Lancaster, PA, to Pure Fishing’s facility in Columbia yesterday.

Instead, he handed in his resignation, effectively immediately. His departure comes just weeks after Pure Fishing’s International Group President, Alistair Thorburn, announced his retirement.

To read the full story visit Angling International


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Comments (5 posted):

trout trekker on 17/01/2014 15:26:09
[CENTER]Good luck to Jim and to Hardy / Grey's.[/CENTER] Could there be an advisory position at Winston in the offing? Theres probably a better chance of it snowing here on the Feather River today. Nope, it's going to be sunny and 71. TT
sweetandsalt on 17/01/2014 15:35:29
While I don't see Murphy moving to Twin; it would take a team headed by someone like him to save Winston's bacon.
burk48237 on 17/01/2014 16:24:26
While I don't see Murphy moving to Twin; it would take a team headed by someone like him to save Winston's bacon. While I agree Twin Bridges needs some leadership, the reality is every one of the rod companies with the exception of Sage has gone thru much the same thing. And Sage has basically overcome some of it's mistakes with the sheer bulk of its presence (much like the O brand). While the O brand sold plenty of rods before the H2 they certainly didn't have much buzz on-line with the Silver Label. And Scott really had a pretty huge gap in "cutting edge" between the STS and the Radian. While both of those companies still made good product Winston had a best seller with the B IIx during the same time that Scott outside of SW where they had some cache was making a living selling low end rods (A2'S) and nostalgic G2's. The reality is everyone in this business has had some dry spells and I'm sure that Winston if they have that commitment will come up with someone to make them a big player again. I suspect it's part of the reason they hired Heller in the first place, he was a "name". If they don't recognize it they become T & T. Another company Murphy use to work for.
troutnut4 on 17/01/2014 18:06:43
I could be wrong, but from his comments to Angling Int'l., I get the feeling that he wasn't altogether happy with the purchase of Hardy to Pure. It was a blood transfusion to Hardy's future, but not seen as a positive one by some viewers, but badly needed for their existence. It is a shame to see some of the old, well established companies which are held in high regard by many, picked up by another company who consider it to be an add on rather than a crown jewel acquisition.Often individuals in Murphy's position are either pushed down or pushed out or leave before it happens. I wish him well, even if it's only working behind the counter of his son's fly shop for the time being. He will pop up somewhere when he is ready. Anyone's guess where. Good luck Jim.
boomslang on 17/01/2014 20:43:06
had the opportunity to chat with him on a few occasions. His depth of knowledge about the fly fishing business is pretty amazing. Good luck to him and Hardy.
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