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No More Broken Fly Rods with Fly Rod Saver

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A simple but very effective solution to avoiding broken or damaged fly rods A simple but very effective solution to avoiding broken or damaged fly rods

We've all put our fly rod down on the ground or leant it against something only to watch it fall over anyway. How many of you have stepped on your rod and broken it or at least had a near miss or scratched it on rocks perhaps? The new Fly Rod Saver is a great solution to these problems.

By FlyRodSaver.com

You’ve probably invested a considerable amount of money in your fly rod and reel, which is why you’ll find Fly Rod Saver an invaluable piece of equipment. Rather than laying your rod on the ground where it can easily be broken, Fly Rod Saver will keep your expensive fly rod upright and safe from clumsy feet, as well as preventing dirt and stones from scratching your rod’s finish and damaging your reel.

Most of us like to travel light when fishing but this device weighs under 2 ounces so you won't even know you're carrying it. Tackling up is made easier as it frees up both hands and it's perfect for people who like to carry two rods. Fish with one, while the other stays safe and ready to use.

The product is made of high density polypropylene and will withstand many years of use in the field. The clip has been designed to hold your rod safe even in strong winds and the spike will penetrate most surfaces. Using the device couldn’t be easier. Simply place the butt of your rod into the bowl and place the rod handle against the clip opening, gently but firmly rotate the rod as you push the rod into place.

Click on the Play button to below to watch a short video clip of the Fly Rod Saver in action.

As far as I'm concerned it doesn't make sense to place valuable fly fishing gear on the ground, it's all too easy to step on your rod and snap the tip. That's exactly what happened to me and what led to me coming up with the idea for Fly Rod Saver.

It was back in 1999 I was fishing on the River Test in the UK, and I put my fly rod on the ground while selecting a fly. Like a fool I stepped back and heard a crack. I’d snapped the tip off my rod, worse than that was I didn’t have a spare rod with me and so I had to drive home (over 3 hours away) and my long awaited fishing trip was ruined.

It was on this drive home that I thought what if you could get a bank stand? Seemed obvious but nothing was available. But like most of us when we come up with an idea for a new product or invention, the idea stayed in my head. Five years later I went on a fishing trip with my 3 sons. We were camping near Gisborne in New Zealand and were fishing the Waioeke River. This time I brought a few spare rods. We camped in a really remote spot but there were bullocks in an adjoining field. Our tents were placed close to the fence, so we could dry clothes. In New Zealand people tend to wade in boots and shorts in summer, rather than waders. On the first night after fishing all day I was looking for a place to put my rod. The fence seemed the obvious place and I leaned my rod against the wire. Unaware that the wire was carrying an electric current to keep the bullocks in check. Well as I was wearing boots full of water from wading in the river, the electric shock was horrendous. My sons thought it was hilarious as I did the dance of fear, shrieking with pain. Once again I thought of my idea for a fly rod bank stand, but did nothing with it until 2010 when I promised myself I would get it into production no matter what.

Coming up with ideas is the easy part! Getting a product made and into production is much harder than I thought. Still I'm very pleased with how its turned out and I know that people who use Fly Rod Saver regard it as a invaluable piece of kit. Funny thing is, many of the people who have bought the device have admitted to stepping on and damaging their fly rods. It's a bit like backing up the data on your computer. Most of us don't do it but once you've lost important files, you become a back up fanatic.

So don't wait until you break your favourite rod, protect your fly rod and reel with Fly Rod Saver.

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Comments (11 posted):

milt spawn on 07/12/2011 20:15:49
Good idea, but maybe it should say "Less chance of" rather than "No more". Of the four rods I've broken, this device would have saved none. milt.
bruce m on 07/12/2011 23:19:23
Again I have to sign out to read content posted by the editor, i know I am not the only one. Strange bug but okay.
Guest1 on 07/12/2011 23:38:43
My Canadian friend accidentally got one caught up in his feet this fall and broke it. This would have saved it. What a great idea. When we fish the river a lot of the time we have more than one rod apiece with usI usually lay mine across a couple of logs washed up on the beach. I don't like them on the rocks but have thought about how one accidental misstep could bend the rod to the failure point between the logs. I must have some. Thanks for posting this. ---------- Post added at 05:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:36 PM ---------- Again I have to sign out to read content posted by the editor, i know I am not the only one. Strange bug but okay. I have not had that problem. Odd one. Maybe it's a bug in your antivirus? Really odd problem. Leaves me scratching my head. Maybe we have a computor geek on here that can help.
Liphookedau on 07/12/2011 23:55:32
It's a well made item same concept to what been used for years made from Electrical Conduit,Aluminium,Stainless Steel Tubing etc, to hold Rods whilst Bait Fishing from banks. Undoubtably it will do the job,save your rod however the only thing I have about using them when Flyfishing is it's something else to carry & leave behind. Brian.
canonman on 22/12/2011 18:26:03
Good idea but can't save the fact that most of my rod breaks have been from my own stupidity ---------- Post added at 01:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:25 PM ---------- But it may make you remember to pay attention more
fredaevans on 23/12/2011 12:09:44
This product was also 'touted' on the UK 'Mother Board' a short time back. General consensus was 'interesting idea, but did you see what they're charging for one of these things!??':teef: Don't remember the number, but it was outrageous for something that might cost a buck to manufacture.:popcorn: fae
aldnz on 28/12/2011 21:44:17
Hi all, thank you for the comments on my product. I was a little taken aback by the comment on the price of the item and would be grateful if anyone could comment further. It's always difficult setting a price, so I looked at fly fishing gear in general and asked a number of fishing friends/customers and $19 seemed 'fair'. I appreciate Fredaevans thinks it excessive, commenting might cost a buck to manufacture. Just so you know, we are not a big company, just a family who love fly fishing. The mould cost many thousands of dollars and it will be a number of years before I get my money back. Having said that if the price is too high, please suggest a new price. Many thanks to all. Al
mikel on 29/12/2011 00:06:46
nope....not carrying something like that around. Already have too much stuff that I actually need to haul in my vest. Like others, I've busted a rod or 2, but this wouldn't have saved any of them.
Rip Tide on 29/12/2011 01:07:01
I truly think that a basic measure of fly fishing experience is when you can understand the difference between a "gadget" and a useful product.
rockriver on 29/12/2011 21:59:29
I've made something very similar in the past to hold my spinning rods while bait fishing. PVC cut with a Dremal to fit your rod size, a cap on one end, and glued to a plastic tent stake. Cost is less than $2.00 plus about 10 minutes of your time.
aldnz on 30/12/2011 01:45:18
As you might expect I feel this device will prove invaluable. However I appreciate it's not for everyone, but I'm a bit anal about keeping my gear clean and free of scratches. As for price at $19 each, it's comparable to a lot of other gear out there. But of course the market dictates the price. If anyone wants to test the device, I can send one out to the first 3 forum members in exchange for an honest review, is that fair? Happy New Year to all. Al
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