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Deerfield Fly Rod Review: Used it - Loved it!

Larry McNerney tries out a range of rods from Deerfield – and loves them! ... Full story

Allen Fly Fishing Xa Fly Rod 9' 4#

Allen Fly Fishing describe their Xa fly rod as being of "medium fast action and the most versatile "workhorse" of the line-up." It has been their best selling rod for a couple of years now, and for 2013 it has benefited from a new finish and components while leaving the action untouched. ... Full story

Allen Fly Fishing Compass Fly Rod 9' #5

I think it is fair to say that Allen Fly Fishing have built a great brand reputation here on the North American Fly Fishing Forums and more recently on our UK Fly Fishing Forums also. Solid, well-designed gear at great prices and with customer service to match. ... Full story

The New Olympic Series Two-Handed Rods from Allen Flyfishing

Allen Flyfishing proudly presents their latest edition, the Olympic Series Two-Handed Rods. Here the owners share some of the thoughts and ideas behind this range... ... Full story

No More Broken Fly Rods with Fly Rod Saver

We've all put our fly rod down on the ground or leant it against something only to watch it fall over anyway. How many of you have stepped on your rod and broken it or at least had a near miss or scratched it on rocks perhaps? The new Fly Rod Saver is a great solution to these problems. ... Full story

Life on the Fly by Tom Johnson - book review

Author Tom Johnson shares a lifetime of journeys, images, and reflections learned in the great outdoors as he lives Life on the Fly. Proceeds are being donated to fishing charities. ... Full story

Review: Redington CT (Classic Trout) Rod

Incredibly specialized tools may be engineering marvels, but the more practical ones are used more frequently and thus accomplish more. ... Full story

Tackle review - Allen Fly Fishing XL 5/6 Fly Reel

Forum Manager Frank Whiton gives us his views on this fly reel from Allen Fly Fishing that seems to already have a strong following amongst forum members to see if they are justified. ... Full story

Armchair casting

A recent review of the Cast-Rite and Echo MPR casting exercise aids by former England team member and fly fishing guide and author Jeremy Lucas from our sister site of FlyForums.co.uk ... Full story

Casting from the Shore CD - the review

Frank Whiton reviews this album of fishing themed tunes from Gary Arlyn Morse and the Scaled Back Band. ... Full story

"Flies That Catch Trout" by Terry Lawton - book review

"Even if the title of this volume seems slightly laboured, it is about "Trout-Takers" - flies with proven track records from around the world, and which are often transferable to waters other than those of their origin." ... Full story

Trout and Smallmouth Fishing on the North Branch of the Potomac

There is a new breed of EBooks available for fly fishers written by Steve Moore. The first book in the series is Trout and Smallmouth Fishing on the North Branch of the Potomac. ... Full story

"Once In A Blue Moon" - Best Film 2009

A recent email I received from New Zealand read “With a mouse plague in the offing and the prospect of huge surface-feeding fish, this could be the best fishing season in years!” ... Full story

Hardy Classic LRH Lightweight Fly Rod - the review!

I have never hankered after owning a Hardy rod . . . . . a reel perhaps? Therefore the chance to test this "Classic" rod was the perfect opportunity to see what I may have been missing. ... Full story

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