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thanks for the insight. I will give it a go, I know the nearest orvis store where i will be staying is in sevierville, tn. about 2 hours away. I definiately will head there to pick up some key items. ( stomach pump, stream seive net, and other things that will definiately seperate my wallet from my back pocket)

I had a buddy tell me I needed to get one so I can know exactly what the fish are eating. I was reading about them last night and decided that my knowledge of the digestive system of fish does not extend beyond what I happened to catch them on. Some of the things that I read made me realize that you can do some sevier damage to the fish. If I am not mistaken you need to catch a fish then take this midievil torture device shove it down their throat and suck everything they ate out, only to see what they are eating? Well if I just caught this fish on something why not continue using that?
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