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Default Re: Type of Drag?

While I'm not sure on Bonefish I would have to respectfully disagree on Steelhead and Salmon. I used an Orvis DXR for years as my main Salmon Steelhead reel in the Great Lakes and landed hundreds of fish with it. I sold the same reel to a friend whose still using it. That reel was made for Orvis by Lamson, and the machining is pretty good. Those drags have one structural flaw. The teflon pads can take a "set". It is important that you store the reel with the drag set all the way off. If not, Orvis service can replace the pads for you. They are not at the level of a Tibor, Abel or a Hardy Zane but they are a fine drag for most applications. I would be the first to admit that while they were a good value at the time, their are now far better choices on the market in the same price range.
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