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Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Bruce: Welcome to the forum, we look forward to your participation. Send Justin at Allen Fly Fishing and ask him if he is still offering discounts to forum members.

thanks everyone. i already sent him a lengthy email with some questions and info as to what i am looking for (i have no idea what i'm actually looking for) and what type of fishing areas i'll be frequenting.

i saw an XL on of the threads that he was selling, man oh man, it sure looked nice.

and yes, as my brother the fly fisherman in calgary has already said, once i start, i'll probably not use my regular spinning rod/reel any more.

but my question is, if i'm fishing from shore with the kids for let's say "perch", i'm guessing i'll still want to use my spincast setup with a pickeral rig. lots of northern pike up here though and a quick google search reveals that Pike are great for flyfishing. one site suggested this for pike "Reels should be capable of holding a good length of backing, 100yds minimum and lines from 8 - 10. A disc drag is not a must but extremely helpful", does that sound correct?

i'll start searching the fourms and browsing around a bit later. looks to be a lot of knowledge on here.

yeah, another addicting, time consuming hobby and i have'n even started yet and i don't want to even think about making my own flies yet, when will i go to work?
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