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Default Re: cabelas rods

I'm a trial and error fisherman with no formal instruction, so I cant give much advice other than practice makes perfect, but I would quess that one of two things are occuring if your line is hitting the water. One is that you are throwing a trailing loop which kills your line speed allowing it to fall on the back cast, or that the casting plane needs to be adjusted a bit. One thing that I have done is set up a video camera on the lawn while I throw some casts and then compare them to some casting videos on youtube by some experts. Adding a haul motion to the back cast also helps with the line speed to prevent it from hitting the water.

I guess the biggest question from the original thread is what type of water the OP will fish. A 7.5' rod is really a small stream backpack special and wouldn't be my choice for a first rod. It is one of those nice to have things once your well into the addiction.
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