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Default Re: Share or keep secret

if something works well why keep it a secret?

frank you probably made those guys trip by "donating" that particular fly.

I had a buddy of mine that was going to exuma bahamas for a week, and asked if i could whip up a few flies for his trip. so i tied up a few of my bonefish bunnies and gotchas for him. when i was sitting at the vise i came up with this shrimp looking thing that sort of resembled a gotcha and a shrimp, (if you squinted and the sun hit it just right). I gave it to him and asked to give me some feed back. there was one other guy on the charter with him both of them took turns on the pointy end. My buddy said that this pink furry-feathery thing had the bones jumping all over it. while the other fellow was using traditional bonefish patterns didnt catch anything.

now my buddy wants more of them. (i just dont remember what the "recipe" was)
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