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Default Re: Washington Fly Fishing

Your in flyfishing heaven out there so your opportunities are endless. If your just starting I'd avoid steelheading and go right for trout first. As an example when I lived by Olympia we made an annual warm up trek to a semi private lake called Double Rainbow( Rocky Ford, Lake Lenice, etc...). You paid a very modest fee but the trout fought hard and long. Growing up in Colorado I never knew trout could take my 6 wt into the backing, but they did, several times. That will give you fishing fever and a good primer for the sport. That said I'd join a local club, meet some fellow fishers and find the newer and hotter hotspots( Puget Sound Flyfishers, South Sound Flyfishers, etc...). Good luck, I wish I could share more but my Washington files are in the attic somewhere unknown and it's been 8 yrs since. I'll repost when I remember more...
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