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Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
Great pics DOK! I gotta ask how you made the background all swirley in that one?
LOL.. I was on another board mostly Colorado folks and if you even showed beach someone recognized it. The next time I would hit that stretch it would be loaded with people. So I just photo shopped the rotation wheel on the photobucket tool bar an swirled the **** out of the background in an attempt to hide the location..Well that didnít work, next time I went a group of 5 guys from the board were standing in the river just flailing away. I also swirled my face in an attempt to avoid recognition on the river, well that didnít work either. I was on the Charlie Myers section of the South Platte and a non fly guy recognized me in the parking lot and followed me for half the morning tossing treble hooked lures and snagging some really nice fish in the Gills, Eyes and unconventional locations. so thatís why some of my Pics have swirled face..anyway

The cutty is a great fish I want more right now. Too bad I canít get a kitchen pass for a few weeks. I also need to do "vice" time so Iím not prepared anyway.
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