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Default Re: The End of The Line; Discussions on Furlled & Knotted Leaders.

I'm wondering what benefits those who make their own leaders see vs. using a standered tapered leader? Does it make you feel similar to catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself ? I have fished some pretty technical tailwaters this past year and I really like a standard tapered leader with alot of tippet added. My normal set up for dries is 15 feet in length minimum. Even when I can get away with a 9 foot leader I still go long....per Paul Weamer's guide to the upper Delaware its kind of like sharpening your game for later in the season....even though you can get away with a shorter leader earlier in the season (and a shorter leader is easier to cast) may need to go long later in the season. I've tried some store bought furled leaders - I personally didn't realize an advantage.
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