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Default Re: Five Weight All Around Confessions!

Originally Posted by gt05254 View Post
I don't think you really NEED a fast action rod to fish streamers...especially in light of the fact that all these wicked quick rods (which I do enjoy, btw, especially Loomis') are fairly new on the scene. Somehow, lo these many years, people have been fishing streamers without them. Can you spell b-a-m-b-o-o? f-i-b-e-r-g-l-a-s-s? I'm pretty sure you can cast streamers effectively and fairly effortlessly without a rocket launcher in your hand.

Side note - Ard, I always loved pm-10s. Broke a SLEW of them, but I sure liked them. I get tempted by them on ebay all the time.

Yours with a slow stick,
I suspect it depends on what you mean by streamer fishing. If streamer fishing is throwing a small Clouser or bead head Wooly Bugger in shallow smaller streams you probably right. But if you're throwing 200-300 grain heads with Zonker strips the size of large rodent chasing big trout in big water, give me the fast powerful stick every day. The only moderate (by todays standards) rods that I've seen that will do that duty are the old Winston XTR's and they were very heavy. Yes, the XTR 6 weight moderate action will do anything most eight weights will do, but it also weighs as much as most eight weights. The one good thing about them is they go for pretty cheap on Ebay.

OTOH, I was throwing a 200 grain head and large streamers on both the Watuga and the PM recently and a new Hardy Proaxis six weight handled the job far more effortlessly then that Winston at half the weight. And it is a very fast rod, although it feels by no means like a broomstick.
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