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Default Re: Five Weight All Around Confessions!

Originally Posted by FlyBum View Post
I might just be speaking out of my streamer inexperience, but if I were going to fish streamers that required more than a single handed 6wt I think I'd prefer to go to a switch rod which I plan to do also this year anyway.

Duh! I didn't even think about the fact that streamers were thrown with bamboo and glass long before graphite came along so I guess I can safely buy that Redington CT 5wt which I really want since I can get it shipped for $110 and then use my 6wt if I want to throw a little bigger streamers then the 5wt can handle. Then when I get/build my switch rod use it for the big stuff. Or am I just crazy.
I use switch rods for streamers quite a bit when I'm swinging streamers. But when I'm tossing heads and stripping fast on retrieve a two hander gets in the way. A single hander is much more efficient and easier to handle when you're casting and working a streamer or even a top water (mousin) then a two hander.

I must admit after using a two hander in AK, I don't understand why the 11 1/2 seven weight isn't the go too rod in the great white north for Silvers and Rainbows.
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