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Default Re: On the wading boot horizon?

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
The current thread re Montana pondering the banning of felt makes it look pretty clear that rubber soles are in most of our futures....likely with studs if we want to stay upright on snotty rocks.

Many of us have boots due for replacement. Maybe we can squeak 1 more season out of least that's where I am.

Personally, I'm reticent to invest in boots while I think it's possible (based purely on hope) the boot guys might come up with a more viable solution, maybe by 2102.

Is there any reason to wait a year or so to invest in rubber soles, or is the concensus that they are about as good as they are gonna get?

Nothing is ever as "good as they are gonna get" being a Engineer there is always room for improvements or new concepts. The rubber industry is always coming up with new products but with that said higher price comes along with the new advance product your buying. So I look at it this way.

1) Do I pay now or pay more later for little improvement??
2) How long will a new pair last me??
3) What new technology have you read or heard about for new soles??
4) What states are considering banning felt soles??

The list can go on and on. I just purchased a pair of Korkers Guide wading boots with interchangeable soles. I have several choices to choose from, depending on what the circumstances are.

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