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Default Re: Why fibreglass?

They are great small stream rods for two reasons. 1) You feel every surge of that 8" brookie as your fighting him 2) It is almost impossible (with the right line) to get a fly to land hard with a glass rod. They excel at quite presentations that are close in. They also protect tippets great, as the material has more elasticity then graphite.

They are not good at long casts into the wind, lifting heavy weighted flies or sinking heads and for the most part they have very little reserve power. Both graphite and glass have more reserve power with the right tapers. I have a Diamondback Diamondglass 7' 4 weight and a Hardy Perfection 6'6" 3 weight. They are both a blast for brookies, and they've been known to tame a decent brown or two. It's really quite enjoyable some days to slow down your casting stroke, land the fly like your dropping a feather, and fool a nice native brookie.
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