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Default Re: Why fibreglass?

Originally Posted by ecowarrior View Post
Interesting answers, thanks.
I completely understand people having a liking for stuff like this (the bike analogy was good - I specifically went for a steel frame on my bike rather than aluminium, even though aly was lighter).

I have an old 5 weight glass fly rod which I never use - perhaps I should dig it out and try it! Not sure what make - it hasn't got much in the way of branding on it, just a name (which I can' remember) written on in ink. Probably a shop custom-made one.

Are modern glass blanks much different from old? I remember reading that glass was "just getting good" when carbon came and took over.
The new glass blanks are for the most part a bit lighter. They have higher modulus fiberglass too. And there is a big demand for some of the better old glass rods. The Winston Stalkers, Fenwick USA (before the buyout), and Lammiglass stuff all claims a premium. Most of the cost in rod building is in the development of the rod and the actual wrapping, installing of the handle, and shipping. So glass can cost as much as graphite, but usually it's a bit less. The Diamondbacks are sleepers, still US made, nice actions and around 300$ new. Thomas and Thomas and Scott still make production glass rods, but their not cheap, right around 500$. We still have a few of the Hardys left to if you wanted to special order, around the same price.

Joni, Does Lammiglass still make that 7' 4 weight? That was a sweet rod and a good value too. It's hard to find much Lammiglass in MW these days.
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