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Default Re: Buying Fly Fishing Gear Online Shipping Charges

What I usually do is shop around and compare the TOTAL PRICE (item cost, taxes,shipping) for an item I'm shopping for.
Cabela's shipping charges based on total price is a bit outrageous at times. A heavy/bulky item for a low price ships cheaper than an expensive small/lightweight item.
I have one online vendor for fly tying supplies I deal with frequently that charges a flat rate $3 per order. I think that's reasonable. Most of those items are small/lightweight and postage is about the same for a 1oz or 15oz package.
Here in Ohio the income tax form has a section to declare untaxed (sales tax) items on. I don't know of anyone that claims many items, but the state is looking close at some items. I know they went after some people who were buying cigarettes from out of state sellers. I don't worry too much about small purchases, but if I bought an expensive item I believe I'd claim it and pay the sales tax.
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