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Default Stocked trout question ;)

First, thanks for all the great info here. After getting some direction form you all on my first trout rig I have since added a pan fish and bass rig. Yep, I'll all in and I told my wife it was the flyfishing forums fault

This weekend is opening day for trout at a small local lake. They stock the lake this week while it is closed then 8am sat morning they open it up. More of a little party/fund raiser than a nice day of quiet fishing.

This will be my first day fly fishing for trout with my new setup. First day in a long time for me as far as trout fishing goes.

My local Cabelas sold me some #8 woolly buggers and some 1/64 jigs. Then they sold me 6x leader and tippet. Didn't think much about it at the time.

I'm new so I basically use books and this site as my guide. i have read that a #8 should have 3x or 4x.

Any suggestions on leader and flies for my big adventure on sat ?


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