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Default Re: Can You Read A Lake?

Originally Posted by mojo View Post
Excellent article. One thing I would add is if a person's a newcomer to a lake, they should get topo maps of the body of water they're fishing. A lot of sporting good stores sell them and the one's I have are waterproof. They will identify underground springs, dropoffs and in reserviors, old stream and river channels that the fish still use for a freeway
My favorite type of fishing is deep water chironomid fishing with a strike indicator. Floating line and up to 25' if leader. Next would be chirono fishing with fast sinking line (Rio type 7) Hold on for a wild ride.

Once again excellent post Doc.
Thanks very much for the kind words. As far as the topo maps that's what I was getting at with... "Try getting a hold of some depth charts or hydro graphic maps of the lake you wish to fish as these maps can either confirm or contest what the shoreline is telling you and will also give you an idea where you can find deep holes, underwater humps, shallow flats and old river or creek channels."

Funny that you say your favorite method of fishing is deep water chironomid fishing with a strike indicator, 'cause that's my favorite as well. Although lately, I've been getting away from the indicator, fishing naked with just the feel of the strike. Takes it to a whole new level but it can be frustrating if your attention wanders.

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