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I actually made the transition from conventional dragged reels to all click and pawl except for SW and Carp a few years ago. I've caught everything that swims in FW except King Salmon in AK including some huge Silvers in AK, and MI Kings with click and pawl reels. Many of my reels don't even have palming rims, but I find adjusted properly a light bit of fingertip pressure is all that is needed. I'm convinced that for trout, especially on light tippets, C & P is the best system. A disc drag will not both prevent overruns and protect light tippets during hook set. It just can't do it.

If you set your C & P properly you will not get overrun when a good fish takes a nice run. So your basic responsibility is to provide extra pressure. It's really not as hard or as much pressure as you think. Although I must admit, a big silver in AK can pull. The bigger C & P reels have larger pawls and heavier duty springs. For years these reels the go to reels for Atlantic Salmon, So they'll probably handle most of the fish you encounter.
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