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Default Re: SA Mastery Textured GPX

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi Brewmaster,

OK, that makes sense. I wasn't sure you knew that the Grand was also a 1/2 over weight line. I was concerned the problem was the Grand slowed the rod more than you expected.

Frank, Thanks for the query - I prefer the 1/2 heavy line on a fast rod as it allows better rod loading when the casting distance is shorter, vs. overlining and impacting the rod performance characteristics that strongly across the entire casting distance.

I spoke to a very knowledgeable fly shop owner, and his recommendation was that the Rio Gold (and apparently the Grand) line coatings are currently just a bit too soft for use on a fast rod, and he recommends other lines for fast rods. However, he still recommends the Rio Gold as one of the best overall lines on any medium or slower rods, and depending on the rod sometimes even a medium-fast rod. It is just a matter of matching the line to the rod.


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Originally Posted by russellb View Post
Ok, a quick review-

I got back yesterday afternoon from the Norkork River in northern Arkansas where I fished the textured GPX line on a Winston rod. The line is noisy through the guides, there is no denying this. But I found it to be kind of a pleasant and not annoying noise. I stripped plenty of woolys and did not suffer any line rub issues and as for line shooting- this stuff is like a rocket. The line is kind of a contradiction, it shoots and sounds like an old school SA bonefish line from the late 80s, early 90s but in delivery paired with my 4 weight it was very supple.

Bottom line- On trips to this river I always float the river in a kayak which allows me to carry both a 3 or 4 weight for drys and small nymphs and have my 10ft 5 weight loaded with a large bead head wooly for swinging in the deep fast runs. This day the 4wt was loaded with the new SA GPX and the 5wt was loaded with a brand new Airflo Sixth Sense. When I would go from my 4wt to the Airfo loaded 5 I was wishing the 5 had the SA Textured GPX line and not the Airflo...
Russell - Thanks for the fast review. A couple of questions - the textured GPX line has golfball-like dimples inset down into the line, vs. the sharkskin line which has raised ridges - correct? can you compare the noise to the sharkskin? is it just as loud as sharkskin or possibly somewhere between the sharkskin and a smooth line? Thanks for your input,
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