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Default Switch-Youth-Fly-Spring-Safety

Struggled a bit on where to post this.
Youth, Spey, fly, etc..

This week the Truckee river went bank to bank, and a little more.
The grass at the edges that was trying to turn green, is submerged.
The water color is off green/tan and challenging wading.
Still fish-able though.
I was using a personal best 7 AB shot and a 12' 3x leader. on my 11' switch rod.
Trying to sink a sz6 dbl bead skwala nymph, and a sanjuan dropper to the bottom of a flood.
Both on the menu at a high ratio... logical.
Risking it wading around, difficult casting/drifting . No fish.
I get a 1/2 day trip with a 15 yr young fly-fisher.
I'd gone out with him before with dad too.
Now, were on our own. Big water.. short guy.
We fish with his gear for a while, nice gear, decent game for his age.
Hooked 2 biggies very close to shore..
Light weight, shallow rig, a cray and a birds nest......big nonheadshaker types (he uttered the special words "I think I hooked the bottom"), both got off in the heavy current.
But, his 9' rod and his leg length limited us some.
We couldn't wade safely more than his knee deep (12-20"), if that.
Out came the switch.
I re-rigged with 2ABs, shorter leader, bobber, and a cray.
It took a few minutes for him to translate the tricks he used on his rod.
Lob, water load, and a roll cast. Later a little snap-T.
After an hour we'd hooked no more fish, (I do my best) but he had a good time throwing the "big stick".
We called mom for an extra hour.
This was the first time I'd handed one this young, this rod.
He could stand in shallower water (safer) and not have to extend his short arms to the sky constantly to effectively mend.
The added leverage allowed him to turn over his leader, etc...with two hands, in one-hand style. Clearly easier for him.
His range was greatly increased, and he was a little proud to successfully wield " a grown-up rod.". (Same reasons I use it.)
Back at home debriefing with mom, he chimed in about how fun it was,"especially the switch".
As a guide you have to improvise sometimes, clients come in all sizes and abilities, and conditions. This time it came out OK.
Spring season fishing/wading is tough/scary, for us all, just thought this might help some. The moral I guess.. is fish close to shore in a flood (I knew that)...
and don't be afraid to switch things up..


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