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Default Re: Cortland Brook Series

Originally Posted by nittspike View Post
Hey Burk..any idea where in the east I might be able to test cast a Brook Series? I see yourt are the MW rep..can yu maybe forwrd this on to your East coast rep? I live in North Delaware.

Also you site does not say what material the rod is made of, any idea?
It's made of a mid-modulus graphite. But the material is not near as important as the taper, and the tapers are the real deal. I was at Rusty Gates Ausauble Lodge today in MI. And one customer, (an older gentleman who owns several Winstons) was very impressed, especially with the 8' 4 weight. My next customer pried my sample away from me to fish this week with opening day (he wanted to get customer reactions) on the North Branch of the Ausauble. I'll miss that rod this week But it's cool.

As far as were to find them, I would email Cortland for outside my territory. i know what stores bought them from me, but I can't assume every pro shop added them.
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