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Default One more time: How do you hide a tippet?

I've searched this question. And I've found lots of information. But I'm hoping to distill all the forum brainpowers' knowledge into this one thread for the direct benefit of those of us trying to hone the skills that separate gotcha! moments from indifferent fish.

The Question: How do you completely hide that darn tippet?

I've been casting on a small local pond lately and my tippet sticks out like a search light cutting through thin night fog. It's just this long, ripply-looking thread pointing directly at the fly. I've seen fish gathered in groups below it, looking up at it. I think they're laughing.

I've read that a sinking tippet (flurocarbon?) is good--but that there are some problems with using one of those. I've also read where one should apply some "sink-ant" (opposite of floatant, I suppose) to the last several inches of the tippet before the fly. Does that work to get it under water enough to hide it without messing up a tiny dry fly's posture on the water? Where do you find such a magic potion? Brand name?

Is there anything else one can to to erase that clear--but very obvious--line between fly-line-end and fly-on-the-water?

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

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