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Default Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod

Thought I'd put an update in . . .

Got a couple of nice Sage rods now and have been playing with my casting a little. Using the same style I've been for casting with the new Sage's I'm getting some great line speed and able to fairly easily get all the casting line out and a good portion of the the thinner running line shot out now. I've been watching some video of casting and my style seems to resemble Rajeef's (Did I spell that right) style, so maybe there is some hope for my casting yet.

Out a couple of days ago in some pretty heavy wind from my back with my new #6 I was able to easily straighten out my backcast and get out at least 60' of line. With the Lamiglass #8 I could only hope for about 20' in those conditions. Bounce is totally gone with the new rods, but if I pick up my Lamiglass I still get it. I can make it happen with the Sage's if I really want to, but I'm not quite sure how. I just try to make the line snake out and it does . . .

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