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Default Re: Eat that fish, or release it?

I catch and release everything now. A few days after opening trout day I kept 4 stockers for tablefare, but I never will again!
You have to carry a creel and fillet the fish, get rid of the remains, and the fillets really aren't that good anyway.
I see all the bait chuckers with a treble hook and some power bait taking 90% of all the stockies in the creek and I guess it went to my head! LOL
Never again......... I love to catch fish in the beautiful creeks and love to release them just as much.
Just think? if everyone was a catch and releaser, all the fishing would be a wonderful paradise.
Something that gives us so much pleasure, how could you destroy it?
A McDonalds fish sandwich is much better to eat........ and you don't have to clean the fish!
Even catfish..... everyone says they are so wonderful to eat. I filleted one and they are cat food!! The soft mushey stinkin' flesh is enough to make me sick!! Now every time I flyfish my favorite river spots, I always catch a few big channel cats. They love woolybuggers and fight like a big bass. A very hearty fish, so I release them all and I have some wonderful fun with my flyrod the next time I visit the area when the sun goes down.
IMHO, I think all fishing fresh and salt should be "no harvest" "catch and release" only for the next ten years.
And all fly fishing with barbless hooks! If you are too stupid to cast a flyrod, then hire a guide or a trainer to learn how!
And anyone caught tossing trash in the water will get 5 years in prison!
Poachers would get 20 years in prison!
I think fishing licenses should be at least $500! The money should be spent to stock and restock and watch the fish populations very closely. If the fish biologists see a problem, it should be fixed immediately.
And no more "rich guys" buying the good streams and posting them. All the wonderful "God given" waters in our wonderful country are for all to enjoy....... especially us C&R fly fishermen. This makes me sick when I see a rich guy buy a stream and won't let anyone trespass. This would never stop me! You may not see the property owner anymore, but I will still be fishing our American Heritage!
With these couple changes, the fishing should improve drastically!
Fishing could be great like it once was fifty years ago!
Scuze me while I tie a fly!

"People are crazy, times are strange"
"I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
"I used to care, but things have changed"
- Dylan
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