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Default Re: Furled Leaders

Nothing too complicated. If I build them at home, I'll use something like a Joe Humphry's formula but switch to flouro for the last two sections. At home I'll tie blood knots (although I'm too clumsy to tie them on the stream)! Leave about 3 inches of the heavier tag hang for a dropper on the upper last two knots and run your tippet to the end. I like to keep about 18-20 inches between droppers and go with about the same on the tippet. I've started using a Duncans loop to tie on the flies. I 'think' it lets the fly swing a little more naturally. My limited experience tends to show that droppers must present the fly a little better than tying off of the bend of the hook because I seem to catch more on the upper droppers when they're rigged that way (although the point fly always seems to be the deadliest fly - maybe 'cause it's always the smallest?!)

Now, for my 'cheater' leader. If I'm on the stream and need a similar setup, I carry 9 ft 5x flourocarbon tapered leaders. I 'll 'snip' the leader about 4 1/2 ft from the top, retie with a surgeons knot [much easier than a blood knot on stream] and leave the heavier tag section as my dropper), snip again about 2 feet from the end and do the same at that knot. It gives me 2 droppers plus a point fly on about an 8 1/2 foot leader. It has worked really well, is quick and easy to do on stream and I end up with a 3 fly setup of pure flourocarbon. If I want to drive the leader a little deeper into the water column, I'll use a weighted or beaded softhackle as my middle fly - same as they do in czech nymphing, except I'm usually fishing all soft hackles ....from big to tiny.

Today the water was higher, fast and cloudy. I started out with a floating line and was doing nothing. I switched to a sink tip line and it made all the difference. Just something to keep in mind.

Hope this helps!
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