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Since you are interested, I will upload the 10 sequential frames from that video of cast #7. Videos are the best way to analyze a cast, and can be done with a cheap video camera.

Both Diver Dan and I have been preaching on this for a long time now. He even learned how to spey cast from videos.

From one quick video of myself casting, I learned that for over 40 years now, I have been casting using a technique described by George Roberts in the last ten years or so, and thought that technique would not even work when I read the article. That is how much most of us know about what we are doing in our own casting.

It will probably take me about 10 minutes. Hang in there I'll add a link to it in this post


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Pushed the wrong button.

Does the creep come at the end of the back cast?
Yes! After the backcast he slowly, and unintentionally, brings the rod forward to the detriment of his next stroke.
//Edit// It almost looks like he is just starting his forward stroke without the acceleration part of the cast.
Exactly!! That is it in a nutshell. You don't want to bring the rod forward unless it is helping the forward cast in some way. What he is doing is hurting his forward cast. He is rotating without accelerating.

I think forward Creep is one of the principal causes of tailing loops with most new casters. Jackster would know for sure and hopefully he will see this and give us the benefit of his experience as a certified casting instructor with years of students under his belt. The big problem with Creep is that no one knows when they are doing it.

If you get into the habit of "Drifting" the rod backwards right after the stop, that will eliminate "Creep". You can't creep forward when you are moving the rod backward.

Here's the link. Each picture is a frame of the video taken sequentially. I left none out. You can tell when he really began accellerating from the huge difference in rod position between frames.


PS: Sorry about the logo in the corner. That's my template page and I don't want to screw it up.

I saw what your talking about but I bet he is still a better caster than me. Maybe that was an example?
I don't think it was an intentional example because it looks way too natural. I think he just has a bad Creep. It took me a lot of practice to learn how to throw tailing loops on request using a number of different casting flaws. Creep was the one that gave me the most trouble demonstrating.


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