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Default Re: New Yellowstone Angler 8 Weight Shootout Discussion

The one thing that is good about Anderson's tests is he weights them to the applications he uses them for and he's plain about that. With the 9-5 comparison, he's clearly looking for great big water trout five weights. With the 9-8 he's looking for a SW flats rod that can handle some heavy duty. If those aren't your applications for those rods, then so be it. But most of those rods are bought with those kind of duties in mind. While a guy may buy an 9-8 for largemouth or Steelhead, their are far more of them bought for Bonefish flats fishing, and a lot of those applications cross over. Their isn't much difference for instance between a good striper, bonefish, or steelhead line. They all have to deliver flies at distance many times in the wind. It's the same with the rods. I had a friend that bought a high end 9-8 rod and claimed it was a great "calm day" bonefish rod. Well that's fine if you want a rod for those rare days, but the same rod can't pick up a 200 grain head throwing streamers? That is the real specialized tool. A good 9-8 for Bonefish in all conditions will be a good 9-8 weight for just about everything.
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