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Default Re: New Yellowstone Angler 8 Weight Shootout Discussion

Originally Posted by wonderfulremark View Post
no matter what anybody says, I really enjoy reading it.
whether they are biased or not, I like what one has to say about different rods.
I don't see anybody else doing it?
Yep, I have to give them credit. In the case of the Zenith they had not committed to carrying it until they tested it. With the exception of Fish and Fly none of the Fly fishing journals in this business will dare be critical of their advertisers. And just as bad, they won't acknowledge your existence if you don't pay them big bucks in advertising.

I happen to know of a recent fishing expedition that included several journalists from a few well known mags. They have all written articles about the trip praising the destination. And despite the fact that most of them fished with and raved about the value and function of a few certain products while on the trip, not one of them mentioned them in the article, and only one blogger pictured them.

The other writers managed to only get other rods and reels which were seldom used on the trip (from companies that adv. with them) identifiably in the pics and never mentioned any gear. There is very little if any free advertising in this business.
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