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Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
Walter - I've been reading some about leaders too, hence this poll and thread. Leader length is dependent on a lot of factors, so to just say that 18 feet is a standard for Harrop you have to consider how and where he fishes. This is probably his leader for the Henry's where long casts, perfect presentation and long drifts are the norm. If you are making shorter casts then a much shorter leader is a lot easier to cast.

This is all about casting ability too. I personally wouldn't be able to straighten an 18' leader...or 15' for that matter. To do so you have to be casting 70' and I rarely do that. If you don't have a sufficient amount of line to load the rod with sufficient energy you cannot lay out a long leader.

I'm not trying to tell you that you are wrong, you just have to take the actual fishing situation into consideration. Which is another reason I am going to start tying my own leaders.

So what kind of fishing do you do and why do feel the need for 17-18' leaders?

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I'm know you asked CutThroat, and he certainly knows a lot more about it, but furled leaders are indeed tapered. By all accounts I've heard furled are like braided, but much preferred because they don't pick up micro-float-sum, get dirty and sink.

Your other point brings up the issue of loop to loop connections. If you use a short butt section - as close to your line stiffness - nail-knotted to the line, do you use a loop to loop then for changing leaders mid-stream and or do you feel that is to much of a hinge and cut and re-nail knot a new leader?
Hi are correct that the river dictates the leader length and I should have clarified......this year I've been fishing the Upper delaware River (west and east branches) in NY and the Farmington River in CT - I dare say these are as technical as you can get and very likely on par with the most technical Montana Spring Creek ... There are times that I feel the Upper Delaware can be so challenging a 50 foot leader can't help you - fortunately I enjoy success also.
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