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Default Re: Bending the wrist and tailing loops

As I am still learning to cast properly (I have only been flyfishing for about 3 years), take this with a grain of salt.

Last year I noticed while casting on a day when I wasn't catching a lot of fish that I got tailing loops when I stopped my forearm early in the forward stroke and then allowed my wrist to tip or rock forward. Since that day, I've made a concerted effort to eliminate this tipping motion in my shorter casts, and this seems to have cured my tailing loop issues in these situations.

This year, I finally learned to double haul with some consistency, but I've noticed more knots in my tippets again, consistently within 4-6 inches of the fly. After reading some of the posts in this thread, I believe that I probably am waiting too long on my back cast to start my forward cast, resulting in line drop and then tailing loops.

Of course, I've noticed that regardless of how I cast, my wrist bends to some degree on every cast. But I think after watching some videos, that at least for me, my problems with tailing loops come when I allow that tipping motion (the rod actually gets to horizontal of even pointed slightly downward at the end of a stroke).

As to opening a loop, I've been working on that as well, and I get my best results when I allow the rod tip to drift down about 6 inches, after my rod stop. My problem is, that this is an extra thing to do while double hauling; kind of like patting your head, rubbing your tummy, and crossing/uncrossing your toes all at the same time. needless to say, I don't always get it right.
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