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Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
CutThroat, Can furled leaders be built with a taper like braided leaders? The energy transfer from line to leader is crucal regardless of leader material or design. This is easily checked by grasping the line and leader butt equal didtances - 5 or 6" - from the leader connection and bending to form an arched curve. If you get a uniform parabala you have a good match for energy transfer, a hindg of any kind indicates your presentations will sufffer. A major reason for building your own leaders using a moderatly stiff butt section is to better match this transfere from thicker tipped, more supple fly line to thinner but stiffer mono (or fuoro). Many extruded leaders provide a less than satisfactory transfer yielding a wild, curly pig-tail off the end of an otherwise nicely formed casting loop. The lack of memory and greater mass of a braided butt leader, Zap-a-Gap spliced to the tip of your line, offers an excelent dry fly presentation solution for 4 and 5 weight line outfits, perhps a furled leader does as well if it can be matched to the diameter of the tip of the line for this ideal transfere of casting energy.


Yes Furled Leaders are tapered. We differ on the idea that stiffness is an important aspect of a leader. The energy transfer is dervied from the cross section dia of the leader. You want the butt end of the leader to be close to the same diameter of your fly line. That is why furled leaders are sized per fly line weight rather than leader weight. The benefits of furled leaders is that that are made with materials that are not stiff and do not have memory. Therefore every bit of energy from the cast gets to the fly and is not lost in coiled memory. Memory in your leader (mono / nylon) equals loss of energy. Huge thunder storm coming into Boise right now. I am shutting down the computer. I'll check back soon.

Thank you.

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