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Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines


I take the envelope to the post office where they weigh it and price the postage based on weight and zip code. Once that is done, I put the flys and pre-addressed/stamped envelope in a larger envelope and mail it to the Swap Meister. Thus far, there have not been any swaps where the returning flys weighed more than what was already posted. I think that it would take a bunch of flys to make a noticable increase.

On another note and another case for the pre-addressed/stamped envelope.
Last March/April I signed up for a "Tom Nixon Memorial Swap being hosted by MArk Delaney. I tied a dozen and half Zulus. Three were for an auction that Mark has each year for a LA concave and three were for his efforts. Right before the concave, Mark died of diabetis related problems. I wrote the swap off as the widow knew nothing about the swap, let along about tying flys and she had many more important things to do than sort flys for mostly folks she did not know. In fact, VFB held a memorial swap in Marks honor and almost 30 different flys are being set in a shadow box to be presented to her. Yesterday I received the Zulus back in the stamped, pre-address envelope I provided. This is the extreme but it does happen.
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