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Default called out for an emergency

Got an emergency call from my friend who owns the pond with the BIG bluegills yesterday.
The phone rang and when I answered he excitedly shouted, "Get here quick! The 'gills are bitin' like crazy today!"

I told my son to grab his fly rod, and we hit the road. I keep a 3wt in the truck, but on the way out the door I grabbed the 6wt cane rod for a change.

Too busy with catch & release to walk back to the truck to get the camera I forgot so I could take pics , but we each caught several very nice 'gills (for this area, many 9+" and they are thick & good fighters). I had a blast with the cane rod, those 'gills can bend it into the cork!

Probably not a lot of fishing time left this fall (deer archery season opens Saturday and keeps me occupied for a few weeks), maybe some late October & November trips if the weather cooperates. But if not, we still had a very memorable day as the summer weather says goodby.
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