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Default Re: Coldweather fishing gloves

Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
I was looking at a pair of NFS (I think) neoprene full-finger waterproof gloves for fishing the winter. I'm thinking the full-finger may be a bad choice due to the detrimental effect on tying on flies. Any thoughts?
I got use to wearing 3mm full fingered cold water scuba diving gloves. I never took them off till I was done fishing. I had no problem tying a fly on with or without using my ty-rite. The gloves I use are Henderson H2 Titanium. Thicker isn't better either, you lose dexterity. I have a pair of 5mm and only wear them shoveling snow. 3mm is plenty thick enough for me, your hands won't be toasty warm but they won't be freezing cold after getting them wet handling fish in the cold all day. I have a pair of regular neoprene gloves that are lined inside but the outside is too "grippy". The Hendersons have a lining on the outside that isn't "grippy" except for the palm area and bottom side of fingers.The fly line slides better thru your fingers with the Hendersons. Not cheap, $45-50. I like them and will continue to use that type of glove for cold weather.
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