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Red face Novice Seeks Advice for Warmwater Reel

I am brand new to fly fishing so I am still trying to feel my way around the equipment and terminology... If anyone could provide me with assistance it would be appreciated...

I am wanting to get a warm water fly reel...


Primary use: Largemouth Bass, Panfish, Crappie.
Rare use for: Trout (very rarely if ever, nearest trout water at least four hours away)
I live in northwest tennessee near Reelfoot Lake... Possibly go into southern missouri and northern arkansas also...

As far as reel requirements go:...
200 - 250 dollar range
Single Action
Disc Drag - (best drag material ???)
Large Arbor - (preferably deeper than wider)
7/8 Weight
Machined Body and Spool
Non-Corrosive material

Reel will be matched with a 7/8 wt., 8 1/2 - 9 ft., medium to medium fast graphite rod (don't know what brand, any advice on this would be appreciated)... Line will be 7/8 WF-F and 7/8 WF-S...

Any comments, concerns, non-commercial reviews and personal experiences more than welcomed... Please tell me you top three picks... I am in information overload... I prefer American made and sold by manufacturing company if possible...

The brands in consideration are as follows, no particular order:

Redington Titanium CDL 7/8... Lamson Guru 3... Lamson Velocity 3... Lamson Litespeed 3... Ross Rhythm 3.5... Ross CLA 4... Ross Evolution 3.5...
Paul >))))'>
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