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Default Re: Novice Seeks Advice for Warmwater Reel

I would disagree on the 5-6 recommendation especially for a beginner. Throwing oversized bass bugs is a real bare with a six weight. Plus if you want to get into sinking lines and fish into the season (when bass go deep) you'll want the heavier rod. I would recommend an eight weight if your going to be throwing a lot of big bugs at large mouth. For Bluegills that five weight is perfect. And Ultimately you'll want to add a lighter rod (it can do double duty for trout too). As far as reels I wouldn't worry to much about the reels drag unless you plan to fish Steelhead / Salmon or SW with it later. I have caught Smallmouth over seven pounds, but I have never had a bass get into my drag. Drags aren't near as critical for most warmwater. The exception to that is Carp and Stripers.
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