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Default San Gabriel River West Fork

I went out to the west fork of the san gabriel river this weekend and it was a beautiful day. It beat sitting around watching college football. I started fishing right at hwy 39 and fished west to the first bridge (bear creek). I had a lot of short strikes and didn't my hook into a fish until i got to the bridge where I ended up getting 5 small browns. I haven't been up there in over 20 years and was surprised it hasn't changed to much. Being so close to downtown L.A. the only difference I noticed was the idiots who have spray painted on the rocks in the canyon. I packed up and went to the east fork and didn't even bother getting out of the truck. What a disappointment seeing the trash and all of the people in the river panning for gold. This fishery (east fork) has been totally destroyed in my opinion. Are there any other So. Calif. fly fishers who have seen this?
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