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Default Re: Beware the thread killer

Originally Posted by Jake Fogerty View Post
Axle, what makes you say that this forum has some of the best people overall, than most? I'm not questioning your statement. I'm curious as to why you said that?

BTW, I'm looking forward to your new Guns n Roses album. Keep up the good work, Axle.
OK, since you've asked:

I am a "member" of at least 3 other fly fishing forums. This one has the most participation and I have rarely, RARELY seen an argument of anything. Even when I first joined, people were stepping up to greet me and give me advice on even some of the most stupid questions. I have not "mentor" in fly fishing, I'm forced to learn this somewhat complex sport on my own.

Other forums (which I will not name, but you can find me if you look, and know what to look for), they give most other "newbs" a good beatdown on a regular basis. AND, most of the content is not at helping others (for the most part), but for other things....such as how much beer one drank while fishing, other things like that. No one steps up to assist anyone with questions.

I once owned a Corvette and was an active "member" of a forum for owning and modifying a Corvette. The same thing happened there. I would post a question or observation on a thread and it would die...instantly.

In the end, like real life, if most people don't know you, they either ignore you or cast disdain over what you say or ask. Perhaps I, naively, use forums to gather, and share, information from others who have more experience in subjects of interest to me. I check forums numerous times daily to see what has posted. I would assume that is the real purpose of a forum....

OH, and even I would not have anything to do with Chinese Democracy. That Axel should just's over and has been for a long time. That release has been pushed back and redone so much that there is no way that it could stand up to the hype that the "media" has created for it. Just my opinion....
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